If a lawyer tells you he or she knows what your motorcycle accident claim is worth in your first interview with a law firm, it’s time to move on. No motorcycle accident attorney can accurately value your claim in your first visit. No competent motorcycle accident attorney should pretend he or she can.

At Clifford & Raihala, our motorcycle accident attorneys know that valuing a claim for injuries in a motorcycle accident is complicated and deserves careful evaluation. This cannot, and should not, be done lightly. Our clients deserve, and receive, serious consideration of all the factors that determine what each should receive as full and fair compensation for injuries suffered in a motorcycle collision.

In fact, there are numerous factors that influence what a motorcycle accident claim is worth, and many of them depend on the quality and experience of the motorcycle accident attorney representing the injured rider. Clifford & Raihala’s motorcycle accident attorneys understand that motorcycle accident injuries include both economic and noneconomic losses, and must be evaluated carefully. A biker who has been severely injured in a collision almost always suffers significant economic losses. These include medical expenses for the immediate care and for the rest of the biker’s life; lost wages and loss of earning capacity; and, not unimportantly, the property damage to the motorcycle.

But the noneconomic losses suffered by a motorcycle accident victim are even more important. These include pain and suffering which include not just past and future physical pain and suffering, but emotional distress, mental anguish, anxiety, humiliation, embarrassment, disfigurement, and – importantly – the loss of enjoyment of life. The motorcycle accident attorneys in Madison at Clifford & Raihala understand that your injuries effect almost every aspect of your life, and we have helped injured persons throughout Wisconsin and Illinois. We know injured bikers deserve compensation for those losses. How many family gatherings, vacations, birthday celebrations, graduations, weddings and even funerals, have you missed because your motorcycle accident injuries kept you from participating in the special activities of your life? We know that even the normal activities of your life – quality time with your family and friends, even performing the normal activities of your work – are important to you, and become a part of your loss from your injuries. The loss of these deserve compensation, and our motorcycle accident attorneys are dedicated to obtaining that compensation for you, and are experienced and skilled in doing so.

The motorcycle accident attorneys at Clifford & Raihala will evaluate every aspect of your claim to assure that you receive maximum compensation for your injuries. These include:

How clear is responsibility for the accident?

What is the full extent of the injuries?

Has there been a full recovery?

If not, what continuing problems exist, and how long will they continue? Are they permanent?

What effects do these problems have on the activities of daily living?

What are the total medical bills, and what will they be in the future?

Is there a past, present or future income loss?

How do state and local laws affect the claim?

All of these questions must be answered before a case can be evaluated, but they are just the beginning. The motorcycle accident attorneys at Clifford & Raihala know that the evaluation of claims is an art perfected only after years of personal injury attorney practice. The Clifford & Raihala law firm has almost 50 years of that experience. You deserve a seasoned motorcycle accident attorney who has that experience. Each case deserves to be considered on its own merits. No two are exactly alike. No claim should be put in the hands of a non-lawyer staffer of a law firm. If you have been in contact with a law firm after your accident, your first meeting should be with a lawyer. If the firm has you meet with an investigator, legal assistant or other non-lawyer staff member, you may want to consult with another firm. You deserve to meet with a lawyer and to have a lawyer manage every stage of your case.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, and believe you are entitled to compensation for the harms done to you by a negligent driver, feel free to call the experienced motorcycle accident attorneys at Clifford & Raihala at 608-257-7900 (or toll free at 888-791-8422) or click https://myjustice.com to get started in learning your rights. There is no charge for a consultation, and no obligation, but you will meet with an actual lawyer, not a non-lawyer staff member.