Pay Attention: Distracted Driving Dangers Are Increasing

Motor vehicle operators are prohibited by law from engaging in activities that interfere with the safe operation of their vehicle. Despite that rule of law, distracted driving remains a serious danger on our roadways. In Wisconsin, e.g., one person was injured or killed in an inattentive driving-related crash every 46 minutes, according to reports of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. One every 46 minutes!

In the two years preceding 2016, the report adds, injury and fatality figures from distracted driving crashes “increased significantly.” In addition, the report concludes, inattentive driving is “almost certainly under-reported,” especially because of the increase in cell phone use and the difficulty of determining cell phone use in a crash.

Think of how often you have seen a driver talking or texting while driving on the roadway or stopped at a red light alongside your car. Or tuning their car’s radio. Or putting on make-up. Or eating. Or looking at a GPS device. Each of these activities can distract the driver from the safe operation of the vehicle. Each can cause injury and death.

It has been estimated that reading – not writing, but just reading – a text message while driving distracts a driver for a minimum of five seconds. At 45 mph, a car will travel 110 yards in five seconds­; greater than the length of a football field! The simple act of reading a text message has the same impact as closing your eyes for five seconds while driving. The danger is obvious.

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