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$9,000,000: Bus Strikes and Paralyzes Pedestrian

$6,900,000: Semi-Truck Accident Kills Members of Family

$4,000,000: Accounting Malpractice

$2,600,000: Medical Malpractice Causes Child's Brain Injury

$2,400,000: Business Ownership Disputes Lead to Commercial Litigation

$2,000,000: Truck Kills Bicyclist in Collision

$1,760,000: Medication Error Causes Major Overdose

$2,150,000: Medical Malpractice

$1,250,000: Crushing Injury

$1,250,000: Single-Car Auto Accident Causes Serious Passenger Injury

$1,000,000: Rear-End Collision Causes Disability

$3,130,000.00: Distracted Driver Causes Paralysis, Death

$2,350,000.00: VA Causes Veteran’s Wrongful Death

$1,610,000.00: Driver Causes Head-on Collision, Flees Scene of Crash

$990,000.00: Passenger in Truck-Car Collision Suffers Severe Trauma

$735,000.00: Auto Crash Causes ‘Hangman’s Fracture’

$885,000: Collision Causes Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Fracture

$885,000: Medication Error Causes Death