Our client was struck by a bus while walking across the street. She received life-threatening injuries, but the bus owner and its insurance company refused to pay anything. Clifford & Raihala successfully fought the insurance companies and their big Chicago law firm and recovered $9,000,000 for our client without the need for a trial.
A tragic accident occurred when a truck driver smashed his large semi-tractor trailer into the back of a car on a Wisconsin highway. This terrible collision took the lives of a grandmother and her granddaughter and left the grandfather severely injured. Clifford & Raihala helped obtain a $6,900,000 settlement for the surviving family members.
Confidential Settlement Agreement
A young girl received negligent medical care causing her to suffer a serious injury. The defendants and their multiple insurance companies refused to take responsibility for the harm they had caused. The insurance companies wanted to stop the family from recovering anything to help care for the injured girl. Clifford & Raihala stood by the girl’s family and helped them get $2,600,000 in compensation to help with a lifetime of medical needs.
A local business owner hired Clifford & Raihala when his partners tried to deprive him of his ownership rights. We filed a lawsuit and recovered $2,400,000, full compensation for his claim.
After another law firm provided no results when a commercial truck negligently caused a death of a bicyclist, his surviving spouse hired Clifford & Raihala who obtained a $2,000,000 settlement within a few months and without the need for a lawsuit or trial.
An error in transcribing a medication order caused an overdose of three times the prescribed chemotherapy, causing our client’s kidney failure, hearing loss and loss of sensation in hands and feet, with some residual impairment. The settlement included future payments for our client’s children.
A Wisconsin man in his sixties was receiving chemotherapy when a terrible error led his doctor to inject a drug meant only for his bloodstream into his spinal column instead. That mistake severely injured him. Clifford & Raihala helped him receive $2,150,000 for his injuries.
A snow and ice removal company was clearing a multi-level parking structure and dumped an avalanche of roughly 250 pounds of snow and ice on a young woman walking on a sidewalk four stories below. She suffered numerous injuries and required extensive physical therapy. Her college degree was also delayed. Clifford & Raihala worked with three expert witnesses, including a national expert in the snow and ice removal industry, and we recovered $1,250,000 for our client.
Our client suffered short-term paraplegia and long-term functional limitations after a serious auto accident. A teen driver on a dead-end road accelerated to 80-100 mph and the car collided with a pile of boulders and a tree. Our client was seated in the back seat and suffered a spinal cord injury, which left him wheelchair-bound for several months. While he finally regained his ability to walk, he was left with permanent disability. Clifford & Raihala researched and developed his case and successfully countered the insurance company’s arguments. We recovered $1,250,000 to compensate him for his losses.

​In late 2016, Clifford & Raihala obtained $1,000,000 for a woman whose car had been rear-ended by a commercial van. That collision caused the client to suffer a head injury leaving her with persistent double vision.

The client’s injuries​ were not clear at first, so Clifford & Raihala advised her to resist a quick settlement that would have failed to pay her full compensation. Later, after the actual extent of her injuries became known, the insurance company refused to pay a fair amount. Clifford & Raihala then filed a lawsuit and fought for their client and obtained a $1,000,000 settlement from the insurance company to help their client and her family recover.​

In January 2017, Clifford & Raihala recovered $885,000 for their client who had suffered a severe concussion and spinal fracture when a young motorist ignored a stop sign and caused a violent collision. The client now suffers persistent headaches and other disability from her traumatic brain injury.

The insurance company initially refused at first to offer fair compensation, so Attorney John Raihala filed a lawsuit to force the insurer to treat his client fairly. Raihala put together a team of doctors to help win the case, including a brain specialist who works with the Chicago Bears professional football team. “We do whatever it takes to help our clients and we didn’t give up,” said Raihala. That commitment made the insurance company pay $885,000, nearly two times their earlier “final” offer.

A young woman planned to receive routine out-patient treatment at a Wisconsin hospital. Her doctor mistakenly injected her with a massive medication overdose causing her death. Clifford & Raihala helped her children recover $885,000 including the maximum amount allowed by State law, which will provide for their future care and education.