Bike Accident Lawyers in Madison, WI

Bike Accident Lawyers in Madison, WI

Bike Riding is Great. Bike Collisions are Not.

Bikes offer good exercise, dependable transportation, and ecological advantages. They also offer very little protection in a bicycle collision with a car. While the proportion of Americans who use bikes for transportation is small (only 1%), cyclists have a substantially higher risk of injury and death than car passengers, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The Bike Always Loses the Car and Bicycle Collision.

In Wisconsin, there are an average of almost 1000 car and bike accidents resulting in serious or fatal injuries to the cyclist every year. When a motor vehicle hits a bicycle, the bicyclist is almost always injured. In 2016, there were 918 crashes involving bicycles and motor vehicles in Wisconsin according to the state DOT. In those bike accidents, 11 bicyclists were killed and 849 were injured. Almost 94% of the crashes involved death or injury to the bicyclist. In bike collisions, it is common for bike accident victims to suffer spinal cord injuries, paralysis, or traumatic brain injuries.

Clifford & Raihala Can Help.

If you’ve been injured while riding your bike, consult with a bike collision attorney at Clifford & Raihala, S.C. Our Madison, WI, team provides expert bike accident law consultations and services.

Bicycle Accident Law and You.

A bicycle is defined under the law as a "vehicle" whose operator is granted the same rights as the driver of any other vehicle. Yet, whether you bike for pleasure or are a serious year-round bike commuter, you run a high risk of being seriously hurt in a bicycle collision with a car or truck, through no fault of your own. Many of these bike accidents can result in significant medical costs, affect your ability to work, and potentially affect the rest of your life.

We are Personal Injury Attorneys Helping Bike Accident Victims.

If you suffered an injury due to the distraction, negligence, recklessness, or illegal actions of a driver, you may have a personal injury claim. Our team handles evidence gathering, accident recreation, and other essential components of a strong personal injury case on behalf of injured cyclists.

Common Car and Bicycle Collisions

  • Motorists turning left and failing to yield the right of way to a straight-through bicyclist. Madison personal injury attorney John Raihala of Clifford & Raihala recently recovered 2 million dollars in a wrongful death settlement for the family of a bicyclist killed when a tow truck driver did just that.
  • Motorists turning right on red, and crashing into cyclist. This bicycle collision occurs when the motorist fails to recognize the cyclist as a legitimate vehicle. Wisconsin personal injury attorney Teague Devitt of Clifford & Raihala recently recovered $190,000 for a bicyclist struck by a pizza delivery driver who did just that.
  • Motorists in parked cars opening a car door into traffic, and causing a bike accident. This is called "dooring." Madison personal injury lawyers John Raihala and Keith Clifford recovered $575,000 for a bicyclist injured when a driver in a parked car doored the passing cyclist.

Common Car and Bicycle Collisions

Bike accidents like those above can cause catastrophic physical harm, often inflicting spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries on the more vulnerable bicyclist. In addition to serious physical harm, bike accident victims often incur substantial medical expenses as well as lost wages and other financial damages.

Our Team and Your Claim

Since 1974, our team of experienced personal injury attorneys has fought to protect the rights of injury victims so they can recover full compensation for their losses. At Clifford & Raihala, we understand that a serious bicycle collision can disrupt every aspect of your life, and our team will work tirelessly to help you regain your health, financial stability, and quality of life.

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