How Do I Find A Wisconsin Motorcycle Accident Attorney?
Up to 80% of motorcycle drivers are injured or killed when involved in a motorcycle accident, according to the National[...]
Pay Attention: Distracted Driving Dangers Are Increasing
Motor vehicle operators are prohibited by law from engaging in activities that interfere with the safe operation of their vehicle.[...]
Bicycle Accidents In Wisconsin
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Bicycle Accidents Are Preventable
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Keith Clifford First Wisconsin President-Elect of NBTA
Keith R. Clifford of Clifford and Raihala, S.C. has been selected to be President-elect of The National Board of Trial[...]
$885,000 Settlement for Brain and Spine Injuries
In January 2017, Clifford & Raihala recovered $885,000 for their client who had suffered a severe concussion and spinal fracture[...]
Clifford & Raihala Recovers $1,000,000 for Collision Victim
In late 2016, Clifford & Raihala obtained $1,000,000 for a woman whose car had been rear-ended by a commercial van.[...]
$2,000,000 Settlement For Wrongful Death Of Bicyclist
In spring of 2014, Attorney John Raihala settled a case for the wrongful death of a 47-year-old bicyclist. The man[...]
Clifford & Raihala Wins $724,600 In Auto Settlement
Clifford & Raihala, S.C. obtained a $724,600 settlement for its client after filing suit. The client was severely injured in[...]
$575,000 Settlement For Personal Injury
Attorney Keith Clifford and John Raihala obtained a $575,000 settlement to compensate their client who was injured in a bicycle[...]
$550,000 Settlement For Personal Injury Case
In winter of 2014, John Raihala and his team won a settlement of $550,000 for the estate of a woman[...]