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While mopeds and scooters are popular methods of transportation in many countries around the world, they have only recently gained aficionados in the U.S. Because of this, not much research has been done about them in the USA, and moped/scooter accident statistics are difficult to come by since they’re grouped with motorcycle statistics. Mopeds have seen an upswing in popularity in the USA since the economic recession of 2008; still there very few pertinent studies on the dangers of moped accidents. However, a study published in July of 2011 by the NIH does at least give us an idea of the dangers facing moped and scooter operators.

Moped Accidents Happen

Moped drivers are vulnerable on the road. Because of this, some type of injury almost always occurs when there is a collision. A scooter or moped is often not seen until it is too late, especially by large SUVs, trucks and buses. Thousands of moped users and scooter riders are injured every year in collisions with motorists. When that happens, you need a moped accident lawyer.

Moped Accident Lawyers in Wisconsin.

Mopeds and scooters are fun, dependable, and an ecologically sound method of transportation. Sadly, in a crash with a car, the moped or scooter always loses; moped accidents can be dangerous and deadly. Mopeds offer little in terms protection for their operators. A moped accident can radically alter the victim’s life, which is why a moped accident attorney can be vital to restoring normalcy and quality to that life. If you or a loved one has been involved in an injurious moped or scooter accident, Clifford & Raihala are here for you.

Road Infrastructure Doesn't Support Mopeds

The NIH study concluded that most traffic infrastructure does not support moped and scooter safety. Moped accidents are more frequent in low or dark lighting, cloudy weather, and when affected by other environmental factors, such as unpaved shoulders. Moped accidents and crashes occurring in rural areas were particularly associated with severe injury. Exceeding 20 MPH in a moped also greatly increases the risk of severe injury. Risk of injury appears to be higher in moped accidents than in motorcycle crashes, and seems to be about 20 times higher than the risk to car occupants at the time of a crash. The moped accident lawyers at Clifford & Raihala can help you if you were injured in a moped accident.

Repercussion of Moped Accidents

The NIH study cited above also notes that of the 5,600 moped accidents that occurred in Florida during the time of the study, 18% resulted in either severe or fatal injury. And in 2014, the South Carolina Department of Public Safety reported an increase of over 100% in moped accident fatalities from the previous year. Although it is difficult to find exact statistics, it is apparent that operating a moped in America can be a very dangerous thing to do. With such a high percentage of severe or fatal injuries, a moped accident can tremendously alter a life, or lives. When you’re in a moped or scooter accident, you need a moped accident attorney.

Moped Accident Attorneys Can Help

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