In winter of 2014, Clifford & Raihala won a settlement of $550,000 for the estate of a woman involved in a personal injury auto accident case. Several weeks prior to her death, the victim was a passenger in a car accident caused by a negligent driver who failed to yield. Although she hit her head on the seat of the car, she did not experience symptoms until the following morning when she was treated for a concussion and released from the emergency room. Several weeks later, she again experienced symptoms but was treated and released. A week later she suffered from a series of acute ischemic strokes, caused by the earlier head injury. The strokes eventually lead to her death.

The defense attorney argued that her death was a result of a previously existing condition, not the accident. However, Raihala discredited this by calling upon the subject’s neurologist who confirmed that the collision “was a substantial factor in causing the patient’s severe encephaolopathy and subsequent strokes which ultimately led to her death.”

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