Clifford & Raihala obtained a $575,000 settlement to compensate their client who was injured in a bicycle accident. The client was in the bike lane when a woman opened her car door, obstructing the client’s path. The client was thrown into the air, collided with another vehicle and landed in the street. As a result, the client suffered from fractures to his cervical spine, clavicle, pelvis and seven ribs, as well as lacerations to his kidney and a collapsed lung.

Clifford and Raihala successfully resolved the case in mediation. “We felt that it was important to settle this case without a trial so that our client could receive compensation and begin to move forward with his life,” commented Clifford. The total settlement amounted to $575,000 including $39,000 for lost wages and consulting contracts and $75,000 for medical expenses.

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