Hiring an attorney for any legal problem is a daunting task. When you have been injured in a bicycle accident by a negligent motor vehicle operator, it becomes even more important that you carefully select a bicycle accident attorney who can help you receive fair and just compensation for the harms done to you, and who can restore you to the life you were living before your injuries, and the life you deserve. There are some things you should consider before you entrust your bicycle accident injury claim to an attorney. Let’s review some of them.

What experience has your potential attorney had in recovering compensation for bicycle accident injuries?

Every bicycle accident is different and each bicyclist may suffer different injuries when a negligent motor vehicle operator causes harm. But it is invariably true that when a negligent car or truck driver collides with a bicyclist, the cyclist loses, and often to his or her extreme injury. It is fair, and reasonable, that you inquire of any attorney you may retain to protect your interests, about his or her experience in obtaining full and fair compensation for other bicyclists who have been similarly injured. Clifford & Raihala is proud that its bicycle accident attorneys have years of experience providing proven results to bicyclists injured through no fault of their own. Here are some examples:

In a recent, and tragic, Madison collision, a tow truck turned left in front of a bicyclist’s right of way, taking the cyclist’s life. The cyclist had no warning that the tow truck would pull in front of him, invading his right of way. Our bicycle accident attorneys in Madison investigated the collision and discovered that the police determined that the tow truck’s turn signal light was not operative, eliminating any claim that the bicyclist could have avoided the fatal collision. Clifford & Raihala’s bicycle accident lawyer team, led by Attorney John Raihala, successfully resolved this claim for $2,000,000.00, without even filing a lawsuit and allowing the family to resolve the matter peacefully and without trial.

In another recent case, our client was severely injured when struck on his bicycle through no fault of his own. Thankfully he survived, but his injuries were severe and some were permanent, causing physical pain and suffering and significant economic losses, established by opinions of an Illinois physical rehabilitation expert retained by our bicycle accident attorneys. Clifford & Raihala’s bicycle accident attorneys established the severe harms done to our bicyclist client and his family, and recovered $1,925,000.00 from those responsible to compensate him for his injuries.

Does the attorney understand and keep up to date with the law regarding bicycle accidents?

The law changes. Often dramatically. In one recent case, our client was injured not when struck by a moving vehicle, but by a parked car’s driver opening the car door into our client’s right of way. This is known as “dooring,” for obvious reasons. Not long before this event, the law provided that it was the bicyclist’s responsibility to avoid a collision when this happened. The car operator was exonerated. However, Clifford & Raihala’s bicycle accident lawyers knew the law had changed before the collision and successfully asserted the new law to obtain a $575,000.00 recovery for our client’s injuries knowing that the law, now, appropriately places responsibility for “dooring” on the car operator who is, after all, “in control of the instrumentality of injury.” When you hire a lawyer for your bicycle accident injuries, be sure that lawyer knows the law and any changes to it.
Is the attorney familiar with the uniqueness of bicycle accidents?

Bicycle accidents are unlike other car, truck and motorcycle collisions. They are unique and often occur under circumstances that other vehicle crashes do not. You should be comfortable in knowing the bicycle accident attorney you hire to handle your important case is experienced in and familiar with the unique circumstances of bicycle crashes. An awareness of the unique aspects of bicycle accidents, and experience in resolving such claims, is a minimum requirement.

In one recent case, our bicycle accident client entered an intersection from a designated bike path with a green light but was struck by a pizza delivery vehicle which turned right on a red light into her right of way. Our bicycle accident attorneys understood that Wisconsin law provided that, if turning right on a red light, a car driver must yield right of way to a bicyclist lawfully entering the intersection even if on a bike path. As well, our bicycle accident lawyers inspected the intersection and found that there were two – yes, two – separate “no turn on red” signs at the intersection, and that our client had yelled a warning to the pizza delivery driver before impact. Clifford & Raihala’s bicycle accident lawyers recovered $190,000.00 for our client’s injuries because we understood the unique circumstances of this bicycle collision.

In another unique bicycle accident case, our client was a college student athlete riding his bicycle in an eastward-bound dedicated bike lane on University Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin. A car driving in one of four west-bound vehicle lanes turned left into his right of way, crashing into his side causing severe leg fractures. The car operator claimed she was blinded by the setting sun and didn’t see the bicyclist. This common claim ignores the driver’s duty to not proceed if blinded by anything. Clifford & Raihala’s bicycle accident lawyers knew the right of way established by our client’s bike lane, and knew that being blinded by the sun was no defense, and recovered $245,000.00 in compensation for our bicycle client.

Numerous factors can make bicycle accidents unique and deserving of special considerations not applicable to motor vehicle collisions, including “dooring” cases as mentioned above and even a case we have undertaken involving a bicycle striking another bicycle on a bike path where our bicycle accident attorneys have established insurance coverage from the negligent bicyclist.

If you or a family member or loved one have been injured while riding a bicycle as a result of the negligence of another — a motor vehicle operator or even another bicyclist — consider the above factors in selecting an attorney to vindicate your rights, and helping to make you whole again. Clifford & Raihala’s experienced and dedicated bicycle accident attorneys stand ready to assist you. Contact us at 608-257-7900 (or toll free at 888-791-8422) or click https://myjustice.com to connect right now. There is no charge for the consultation and no obligation. We will be honored to help you.